Get Smart: The top 5 shows that can make you smarter

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Get Smart The Top 5 Shows that Can Make You SmarterBy Annabelle Smyth

Many television shows have been proven to make you think less than you should, but there are also several shows that can introduce you to new vocabulary, recent scientific discoveries, and simple logic that every person needs to function. If you are on the hunt for a television show that can really make you think about your place in the world and the more intellectual facets of life, you have come to the right place. Read further for five television shows on Cable TV that fit the bill when it comes to making their viewers a bit smarter and wiser than they were before.

1) How It’s Made:

How It’s Made is a popular television show for people who want to learn how certain products are developed. It is featured on the Discovery Channel and has been part of the major lineup since 2001. Several items are featured; from guitars to snowboards to bubblegum, this show has it all. Become smarter by learning the basics of product development through this television show.

2) Mythbusters:

The title of this television show is self-explanatory; it busts myths. One of its most recent episodes featured an investigation into whether or not Jack really had to sink in the movie Titanic; that is, could his lover simply have let him have half the plank of wood that saved her life? Mythbusters investigates things like this and provides entertainment while doing it. This show will make you think more critically, and it will allow you to have a reasonable amount of doubt even when someone guarantees you that a myth is real.

3) 60 Minutes:

60 Minutes is first and foremost a news program. Of course, we had to include at least one reputable news program on here, due to the fact that knowledge of recent events will always make a person smarter. This program features the latest events in politics and world squabbles while including elements of pop culture. Sit down with the family and dig into recent events if you want to improve the part of your brain that loves to analyze.

4) True Blood:

This television show appears to be simply another cheesy vampire romance, but in reality it is so much more. It includes a lot of ancient vocabulary words as well as different mythological components. If you are interested in history or mythology, True Blood will offer you a decent amount of knowledge. Every intelligent person needs a solid background in history and mythology, after all.

5) Top Chef:

Knowing how to tweak recipes and make them amazing is yet another facet of intelligence. As you watch the cooks competing to be the best in their field, you will likely pick up a few useful techniques yourself. This show can act as a demonstration for you when it comes to culinary activities.

Annabelle Smyth

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