Gerard Butler’s ‘Scary’ Surf Accident: Star Taken to Hospital After Wipeout

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Gerard Butler was taken to the hospital on Sunday while filming a stunt in a notoriously rough stretch of surf for his new movie ‘Of Men and Mavericks,’ according to ET. Butler wiped out while filming a surfing scene near Half Moon Bay in Northern California. His rep told ET, “He’s fine. Very scary. They brought him to Stanford University. More scary than anything. For precaution, we all wanted him checked out after it all happened. Came out with flying colors.” The movie is about real-life surfer Jay Moriarty, who conquered the treacherous area known as Maverick’s.

The actor was taken down by a wave, and, according to “Butler was held down for a solid two waves and took four or five more on the head before being washed through the rocks on the inside, where he was finally able to be plucked out.”

Frank Quirarte, who was on the scene, wrote this account at

We don’t ever like to see or hear ambulances when Maverick’s is breaking. It never bodes well, and right now everyone is still a bit shell-shocked from the recent death of Sion Milosky and the near death of [Jacob] Trette last season.

One of the film crew’s radios cracked — they were “bringing Gerry (Butler) in.” No sooner did I hear the transmission then a jet-ski and Zodiac turned the corner at the Half Moon Bay harbor mouth. They were coming in fast. I ran down to the dock, helped tie off the Zodiac and noticed Butler on board. He had that 100-yard stare that surfers get after a two-wave hold-down or near-death experience. After almost 20 years at Maverick’s, I’ve seen a lot of it but it was good to see he was standing on his own two legs. He was carted away in the ambulance and raced off to Stanford Medical Center for observation.

It’s not the first setback for the film: last month, director Curtis Hanson handed off the film to Michael Apted after complications from heart surgery. The movie is due in theaters October 26, 2012.

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