Dancing With The Stars IT’S THE FINALE!!!

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(By Barb Hicks)

Tonight the final three couples will be competing for your votes and the coveted mirror ball trophy. After a seemingly endless season it hardly seems possible that after Tuesday night we will have a new champion. Who will it be former talk show host Ricki Lake? Reality star Rob Kardashian or war vet and soap star JR Martinez?

I think who wins will be decided on JRs injury. If his foot is properly healed he should be the hands on favorite to win it. If not I see Rob Kardashian winning. I think that people are tired of Derek winning and would like to see a new champ. Cheryl Burke who is partnered with Rob has won before but it has been awhile. Karina Smirnoff has not won yet. I am hoping she will be holding her first Mirror Ball trophy tomorrow night. She really deserves it. To me it seemed she always got the early to go home dancing candidates and this time she got someone who could legitimately win.

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough started off the night with a dance they have never danced before. She is performing the Cha Cha. Carrie Ann joined them as a guest teacher. She started off the night in great style. She had all the moves although there were a couple missteps. My score is a 9. The judges gave them a 27 each giving them a 9. Ricki and Derek next dance was the free style. Their freestyle while good was not that exciting. Sort of yawned through it.  I believe they will get another 9. They did give them another and got 27 making them have a total of 54.

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke were the next to perform. They are the only couple who has not received a perfect score. Will tonight be the night? His first dance was the Waltz. Bruno was the mentor for this last dance I love Bruno. He did beautifully but there were a couple minor missteps. Wonder if the judges will call him on it? My score is an 8, the judges gave them a score of 9 each with a score of 27.Rob and Cheryl’s free style  I enjoyed it much more than I did Ricki and Derek’s. My score is a 10. The judges score? They agreed with me and scored their perfect score They had a final score of 57.

JR and Karina finished off the first round with the Cha Cha. Len was the mentor judge this week. JR was back in good form tonight. He in my opinion did the best so far. I know it is sort of biased because I have been rooting for him all season. My score is a 10. The judges obviously did not agree with me. They gave them a score of 24 Carrie Ann gave a 8, Len a 7 and Bruno a 9. JR and Karina finished the night with their free style. Their free style literally blew me away. It was fun and it was fast Everything I think a free style should be. They got a perfect score!!! They ended up tied with Ricki and Derek with a score of 54.


Who will win  tomorrow? They have one more dance tomorrow night.



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