Cher can rock some pasties – and it took this long to notice?

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It might take a little longer for Cher’s skimpy outfits to hit the news cycle these days, but girlfriend can still rock the near-nude pasties look, as her “final farewell” tour is proving.

Take that, Miley Cyrus. G’head, post yet another revealing selfie, and we can talk about it again when you’re 67.

With decades of diva-hood under her belt, Cher is still bringing the glam while on her “Dressed to Kill” tour, which launched in March and will swing by Los Angeles on July 7 with opening act Cyndi Lauper. (Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo have been the opening act so far, but Saturday will be their final night with the tour.)

And it seems Cher’s over-the-top costumes – most notably the number that features a nude look body suit under strands of beads and what looks like a bright-red, heart-shaped pastie out there for all to see — finally got the attention they deserve after her show this week in Boston.

“I can still get into my ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ outfit, and I’m almost 100,” she joked onstage Wednesday, according to the Boston Globe.

But even though she might be invoking classic Cher onstage, the singer was admitting this week that’s she’s definitely Cher 2014 as well.

“Last nite was fun,” she tweeted Tuesday. “Actually ALL THE NIGHTS HAVE BEEN FUN Am Resting,3shows in 4 days is rougher than I remember Have bandaids on 6 toes.” After the Boston show, she wrote that her doctor was a “little annoyed” with her for moving around onstage following surgery late last year to fix a 16-year-old fracture.

One sour note in the mix, however: Though the costumes may evoke the spirit of Bob Mackie, Cher actually parted ways with her designer of four decades back in March.

“Telling you something that has broken my heart, the man who made all my costumes since 1972 decided he couldn’t do my last tour,” she said in a series of tweets at the time.

“No matter how disappointed any of u are, you don’t know my grief. I’m sure Bob can’t know how much I miss him. Felt I had to tell u I’m crying.”

Looks as if she’s gotten over those tears.

Courtesy of The LA Times

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