Celebrating the King of Rock & Roll, ELVIS PRESLEY

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By Jeffery A. Taylor

Celebrating the King of Rock & Roll, ELVIS PRESLEY, born on January 8th, 1935. Had he lived he would have been 78 on this date. TPEPost.com & TippingPointEducation.comhonor him today and his life spent giving us only the best in entertainment and music!!! Artwork design by Jeffery A. Taylor of TDS Studios.

Jeffery Taylor

About Jeffery Taylor

Jeffery Taylor has been a graphic designer and writer for 30 years. He is also Owner and CEO of Jeffery A. Taylor - Design Studios formed in 1981. A 30 year veteran in the business Supporting Graphic Design to the Detroit Metro Area and the nation.A former Penske employee and is currently the design and art director for TPE Post.