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(By Barb Hicks)

Castle and his mom are in the bank getting a loan for his mom’s acting studio when things get boring Castle calls Beckett hoping for a murder but he gets more than he bargained for when the bank he is in gets held up. He and everyone else is held hostage by the four robbers. Each robber is known by the name of a TV doctor.

While it seems like it is a bank robbery which would be scary enough but we soon find out there is more to this crime than meets the eye. What is the real reason behind this robbery? If this wasn’t a true bank robbery in the traditional sense then exactly what were they looking for?

This episode was a bit different in that the show did ot start with a body being discovered and trying to find out among the cast of characters who the guilty party was. It did help develop the relationship between Beckett and Castle as well between Alex and her boyfriend Ash.

The last two weeks while they have been good have been a bit different but I love how they are  letting the personal relationship between Beckett and Castle grow.



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