‘Blue Lagoon’ Remake in the Works for Lifetime

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Courtesy of AOL:

Lifetime is bringing a modernized version of the 1980 classic, ‘Blue Lagoon,’ back to life, reports Deadline.

The somewhat incestual story centered on two young children, a boy and a girl, marooned on a tropical island where they grow up together, fall in love and discover their sexuality together. In the original film, the two children, Richard and Emmeline, were cousins.

Casting is already underway, according to Deadline, and filming is set to start in February in Puerto Rico. The ‘Blue Lagoon’ movie franchise is known for giving young actresses their big break. Brooke Shields starred in the 1980 original, and ‘Return To The Blue Lagoon’ starred a young Milla Jovovic.

This isn’t the first remake in the works for the cable network. Lifetime is also planning a remake of the 1989 classic ‘Steel Magnolias,’ with an all-black cast.

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