Chris Ruzzin: A Reigning Hero at Best!

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By Deborah A. Culp

TPE HERO of the MONTH April 2012 - Chris Ruzzin

The things that most of us take for granted and may not make it through them; Chris Ruzzin remains a shining example for us all. Chris Ruzzin was born with arthrogryposis, a disorder that nearly locks his joints. But do not let that sway you at all! Chris’s many titles to date include; Executive Producer/Host of “In Michigan with Chris Ruzzin”, a very capable Movie Extra with movies such as, “Cripple” and “Have a Little Faith”, an invaluable member of the Gross Pointe Theatre Group and the President/CEO of the Chris Ruzzin D.J. Services Co. He racks up 20 years of experience in that area alone.

Having shared this information, another well earned credit it the life and times of Mr. Chris Ruzzin reigns high: He is a devoted, loving husband and provider to the lovely Mrs. Diana Ruzzin. Together they run a first class awareness site on the Facebook titled: S.T.A.M.P. (Stand Together and Make Peace). Through our Facebook page supporters can become owners to some of the most, unique and serious line of action wear and more! Coffee cups, a myriad of T-shirt styles, sleep wear, tote and messenger bags, calendars, lap top skins, cooking aprons, thermos, stadium blankets, water bottles, shot glasses and much, much more! Another great part about all of the S.T.A.M.P. products is that they come in all sizes for men, women and children. (Except the shot glass of course…..)

Chris and his Wife Diana

Among other things, on his daily busy schedule lists; Chris advocates for other people with Disabilities over the last several years. In short, Chris Ruzzin has not allowed “Anything to keep him down or prevent him from being an accepted member of his personal and business life, his wife, family or our society as a whole! Once acquainted with a “true earthly hero” like him and hearing of his overcoming various adversities on an ongoing basis, complaining may seem quite pointless huh?



 S.T.A.M.P was created by Chris & Diana Ruzzin to help show support for those who don’t like Hatred, Violence, War, or anything else that has Negativity in their lives. For further info about S.T.A.M.P products please contact us through our Facebook Page: STAMP

Contact: Chris Ruzzin

Phone: 248-770-1845


Deborah A. Culp ( Contributing Writer)

About Deborah A. Culp ( Contributing Writer)

Deborah A. Culp is a Freelance Journalist & Consultant with over 20 years of hard earned experience in the business. This includes Print & Broadcast Media. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, she now lives in Wilmington, NC. She is a Correspondent to Divine Caroline, TPEPost News, The History of Jazz Music, and For ColoredGurls and formerly with the Wilmington Star News Online. Deborah recently became the Parent & Family Expert for the, Wilmington/Fayetteville, and NC. Still operating as a Freelance Writer/Photographer. She is working on her first book; “Then there was laughter” and has a few business endeavor irons in the fire. She is a staunch volunteer and loves her family & friends.