A Castle Wedding

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From TV Guide:

It’s a definite déjà vu moment for Seamus Dever and his real-life wife, Juliana, when the couple say “I do” at the wedding of their characters, Kevin and Jenny, on the January 9 episode of ABC’s Castle. “The budget’s a lot bigger this time around,” jokes Seamus. “And it’s indoors,” adds Juliana, “which is different from our first wedding, a Midsummer Night’s Dream nature thing.” Five years after that Sequoia National Forest gathering, Seamus and Juliana shot their fictional nups in an L.A. Presbyterian church built in the 1920s (check out the characters’ wedding page at duffyomalleyandryan.ourwedding.com).

But the event is not all celebratory. Before the wedding, the couple go on a cleanse diet, and Jenny gets involved with a pickup artist who winds up dead. And not surprisingly, the happy occasion has a profound impact on Castle and Beckett: “It reminds them they, too, could have this life together,” says Seamus. “There are several meaningful glances.”


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