5 Hollywood Actresses with Outlandishly Bad Teeth

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By Jennie Reedy


While most people idolize celebrities for what they consider perfection, the truth is that even some of the most famous Hollywood actresses and celebrities have their flaws. There are tons of people who have bad teeth. However, when it comes to celebrities, especially famous actresses, one would think that with all the money they make, they would spend some of it to have their teeth fixed. The following Hollywood actresses may be stunning, but they surely have outlandishly bad teeth

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten is often known for her role as Mary Jane in the Spiderman movies, along with her role in the popular cheer movie, Bring It On. While Dunst has had much success on the big screen, her teeth are simply unfortunate. Her teeth are very small, dull, and some of her teeth are crooked

Hillary Duff

While she has not had as much success and some of the other actresses, Duff is still a Hollywood actress with bad teeth. The worst part about Duff’s teeth is the fact that she did it to herself. She had her teeth altered to make them appear longer with the use of veneers. Now her teeth are so long, they look much like horse teeth

Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon has been around for quite a while. She is best known for her leading role in movies like Legally Blonde and Cruel Intention. Even with her stunningly good looks and charm, Witherspoon appears to be in need of some serious teeth whitening toothpaste. She admits to drinking coffee on a regular basis, and this may be the reason her teeth have become so yellow and dull

Anna Paquin

Paquin got her start in Hollywood at a young age, starting off as a child actress. She is now known for her scenes in the hit-series True Blood. While Paquin is known for her beautiful long hair and stellar good looks, when she opens her mouth, most people end up in total shock. Paquin has a huge gap in-between her two front teeth. The gap is definitely a distraction, but Paquin says she has embraced it and loves it

Miley Cyrus

Also known as Hannah Montana, Cyrus got her start on the Disney channel and has since been featured in several Hollywood movies. While she is Billie Ray Cyrus’ daughter, she surely does not have his teeth. Miley’s teeth are large and crooked, but she seems to have embraced them.

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Jennie Reedy

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