Top 10 Companies Hiring This Week

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Courtesy of AOL Jobs and Careerbuilder:


1. UPS       

      Known by its large brown delivery trucks, United Parcel Service delivers over 15 million packages per day. Headquartered in Sandy Springs, Ga., UPS competes with other carriers, such as FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service. The company employs approximately 350,000 in the United States, with another 67,000 around the world.

With the holidays fast approaching, UPS says it plans to hire a staggering 55,000 additional employees to handle the workload. UPS expects deliveries to increase by roughly 6 percent compared to the 2010 holiday season.

Employee Review: “Fair pay, and quality benefits and opportunities for full-time, year-round employees. Fast-paced environment without any chance for boredom.”*

2. Sears                            

Most people recognize Sears as the department store common to countless shopping malls. While its department stores are certainly popular, Sears Holdings operates several other brands as well.

Sears is one of several retailers offering layaway service again, partly due to recent economic conditions. The company was the ninth-largest retailer in 2010, behind other giants like Wal-Mart Stores, Target and Costco.

Employee Review: “My favorite thing about working with Sears is the stability. The company has been around for over 100 years and is one of the largest in the world. It has great benefits and work-life balance is excellent. I don’t have to worry about being on-call on nights and weekends. They have really great quality people who are easy to get along with.”*

3. UnitedHealth Group    

UnitedHealth Group currently provides health insurance services to over 75 million people worldwide. The company recently has been actively involved in creating several technological advancements in the health care field, including the development of video conferencing systems for patient/doctor communication, the creation of electronic health records systems, and the release of an iPhone app to locate participating physicians.

Employee Review: “I really enjoyed my time at UnitedHealth Group. The trainers were very knowledgeable and were always there to answer any questions that I had. I worked as a claims associate for just a few short months before being promoted to another department. I then went on to work from home! Only left this company because of personal issues not related to my job. Great place to work!”*

4. Boston Market                                  

Headquartered in Golden, Colo., Boston Mark was founded in 1985 as Boston Chicken. The company changed its name to today’s “Boston Market” in 1995. The chain owns approximately 530 restaurants in 28 states. It employs roughly 14,000 employees. Boston Market has expanded their offerings in recent years, adding a national catering program and ready-to-eat frozen menu items to supermarkets nationwide.

With the holidays fast approaching, Boston Market has announced a “heat and serve” holiday banquet program for hosts who are looking to save money or time. The company is also working to improve the guest experience, starting in restaurants around the Atlanta metro area.

Employee Review: “The customers are 99 percent awesome. Lots of regulars. The food is fairly healthy and varied enough not to be boring. I end up eating at work more times than not, so this is a plus. The stores I have worked in have all had a cheerful ambiance with lots of sunlight.”*

5. Ernst & Young              

Headquartered in London, England, Ernst & Young is one of the so-called Big Four accounting firms. The company’s activities consist mainly in doing financial audit work for other corporations.

Ernst & Young also is actively involved in areas such as actuarial consulting, as well as due-diligence research for mergers and acquisitions.

The company is one of 12 to receive the 2011 “Business Partner of the Year” award from Proctor & Gamble. Ernst & Young was selected from over 75,000 P&G suppliers, in part due to their high level of client/customer service.

Employee Review: “Excellent brand, great client base, excellent opportunity to work globally. Focus on people is strong, given the nature of consulting.”*

Snap-On Tools         

Founded in 1920, Snap-On designs, manufactures and markets professional-grade tools in the United States. It operates on a franchise model, with dealer vans that function as mobile showrooms. This sales and marketing method has proven successful, and is the basis for the company’s entire business model.

Snap-On has a history of involvement in the automotive and motorsports industries. Snap-On tools are popular among mechanics, and the company has traditionally sponsored various motor sport teams in the U.S., including Roger Penske Racing and Penske’s Sprint Cup Series team.

The company recently kicked off its “Snap-On Rescue Rig” promotion. The Rescue Rig is traveling the country in search of technicians who are using less efficient tools. Snap-On’s stock has also been on the move lately.

Employee Review: “Progressive environment, clear strategic business objectives and communications, clear mission. Vision values communications. Company going through changes for the better.”*

7. AT&T Retail                 

With over 96 million mobile customers, AT&T Wireless is the 20th largest mobile phone service provider in the world, and according to Forbes, the 14th largest company in the world by market value.

AT&T’s mobile division is headquartered in DeKalb County, Ga., just outside of Atlanta. Between the years of 2005 and 2007, the company acquired Cingular Wireless and BellSouth. Until recently, AT&T Wireless was the exclusive carrier of Apple’s popular iPhone line in the United States.

AT&T is now one of three major wireless carriers, alongside Verizon and Sprint, to feature Apple’s new iPhone 4S. Recent reports indicate that AT&T’s wireless revenue has grown by over 4 percent versus last year.

Employee Review: “They provide great benefits and pay. I know they match quite a bit for 401(k) investment. It is a great job for someone interested in technology and learning about new technologies. Also, it is great to know that you are helping others out on a daily basis.”*

8. Lockheed Martin    

Lockheed Martin, based in Bethesda, Md., is one of the largest defense contractors in the nation, and currently has about 140,000 employees worldwide. The company is the defense department’s largest contractor in terms of sales, with $19 billion in contracts awarded so far in 2011.

The company’s operations can be broken down into four main business units: aeronautics, electronic systems, information systems and global solutions, and space systems. Of these units, electronic systems is the largest in terms of revenue, having brought in roughly $14.3 billion in 2010 sales.

The company, along with the Federal Aviation Administration and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, recently announced the opening of the Florida NextGen Test Bed. The Test Bed, located in Daytona Beach, Fla., is a laboratory where new aviation concepts may be tested. Additionally, Lockheed Martin was just awarded a $6.7 million contract to support training for the United States Army.

Employee review: “The senior leadership is very competent and there are many opportunities to move around in your career. They offer great benefits and the work that you do is fulfilling.”*

9. Aflac

The company was founded in 1955 by brothers John, Paul and Bill Amos. In 1964 the company pioneered the concept of “cluster-selling” insurance, in which sales agents would go to corporate offices to give groups of workers insurance presentations, as opposed to presenting each person individually.

In 1990 Daniel Amos was named CEO of the company, and in 2000 he made history when he introduced the world to the Aflac Duck. The world-famous fowl now has his own place on the Madison Avenue Walk of Fame and is a universally recognized icon of American popular culture.

The company was named by IDG’s Computerworld as one of the “Best Places to Work in Information Technology for 2011.” This is the 12th time that Aflac has achieved the distinction of being one of the top 100 organizations in terms of compensation, benefits, training and career development.

Employee Review: “Great product that provides peace of mind. This is an easy sell if you point out why there is such a need for it. Nice incentives, but the bar is set high.”*

10. Macy’s     

Originally founded as Federated Department Stores in 1929, the company was officially renamed Macy’s in 2007. With over 800 stores across the nation, Macy’s is one of the largest retail companies in the United States. Macy’s sales rose throughout 2010 and it already has announced plans to hire 3,500 employees in the next two years.

Of the major department store brands (Macy’s, Dillards, Sears, Saks Fifth Avenue and J.C. Penney), Macy’s was the highest performer throughout 2011, according to a a recent report.

As a result of their third-quarter earnings, the company recently revised (and raised) their earnings expectationsfor the remainder of the year.

Employee Review: “The management is competent. Employees are given a good discount and still able to use coupons. You can pick up more hours online when they become available.”*

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