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Meet The Hayle Group for Product Ambassadors and Home Customer Service at Thursday, 11/1 at 6:30 p.m.

877-571-HIRE (4473)
Dear (Contact First Name),

Please be present at our Job Seeker’s Pre-Hire Meeting at 25240 Lahser Rd. Ste. 6 in Southfield MI 48033. Our new number is 877-571- HIRE (4473).

  • Final Push for Tutors at $25-45/hr based on the number of students
  • Product Ambassadors for Holiday Jobs (Weekends Only) $15.00/hr
  • Customer Service Representative working from Home $10 – $15/hr
  • Sales and Retention for Comcast
  • Minacs Customer Service Representatives

Assistance with resumes; Coaching for Interviews; Assistance with Tests Preparation

For those of you interested in General Motors, if you are already enrolled and completed your resume review, you will receive notice via email of screening and testing class for General Motors candidates.


We are making some changes so make sure that you read the second part of this  email that discuss our new rate changes.

Since we started in June working to help fill positions offered by Minacs, a company that hires Customer Service Representative for some of the largest companies and corporation in the Metropolitan Detroit area and on the globe, we have been blessed to witness so many people in Detroit get full time jobs with benefits and perks.  They filled openings that they did not even know were available and it didn’t take them months to do it.  

What is most exciting are the success stories from those who have been out of work for more than six months, a year, two yeasr or even four year,s who come back and share that just within weeks or days of coming to our pre-hire meeting that we hold every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30am  and 6:30 pm;  and receiving our guidance and assistance, they GOT HIRED!

We are not batting 1000 yet, and perhaps we will never bat 1000 since a large part of getting a job and holding that job is the responsibility of the job seeker. But we have helped hundreds of people who had no idea that there were great jobs available get the interview, get the call from the company….get the job.

We are proud of what we do! And we are ecstatic for those of you who are now working.

And yes, we have been hit by the doubting Thomas’ who opt not to go through the entire process before drawing their pessimistic conclusions, but that goes with the territory and we certainly do not allow it to keep us from helping those of you who desperately need work and desperately need the right tools, information and guidance to overcome the roadblocks you continue to hit in your mostly online job search.

It’s a fact! People are working because of our help and our resources.  People are interviewing with fortune 500 and 100 companies because of our resources and our assistance.  People are turning their lives around and it all began with just a simple text message last June.

On behalf of the Kimberly Group, LLC, and our awesome team, Michael, Kesha, Karen, Erica, Kendra, Kenneth, Tim, LaTonya, Curtis, Karen B., Reco, Donte, Malcolm, Xavier, Natalie L., Larry, Jaylon, Natalie J., Laura, Tarlisa, Monet….Joe Coleman down in NC and everyone who made this possible and reality in the City of Detroit, the hardest hit community in the nation by the jobs crisis, we congratulate you who have found jobs and have come to the end of a very frustrating job search.  We thank all of you who pass the message on to your family, friends, loved ones, parishioners. /We wish our nay-sayers well on their search for employment.  You are always welcome to come to the Kimberly Group should you find that we have resources that will ultimately help you.

But mostly, we thank you to our companies and Corporations at Minacs, Strategic Staffing Solutions, Comcast, Recovery Construction, General Motors, Asset Acceptance, Class Act, Syntec for coming to our meetings, accepting our clients resumes, interviewing those we send to you, keeping us abreast of the jobs and opportunities you wish to fill.  I would call you by name but we don’t want you flooded with calls and emails from people who receive this newsletter.

Finally, I thank God for the favor that he is showing towards our community. As I say in every session, I make no apologies or excuses for my faith, my love and my relationship in, for and with our Creator who has made all of this possible. I believe that someone has prayed for jobs, and God has created the resource to bring you to that job.

God Bless you all!
Kimberly Lewis, CEO





We will continue to offer a free service to you which includes the following:

  1. Job opening and interview notifications via email.
  2. Our online radio job information show on blog talk radio.
  3. Access to join the employment link group on Facebook and receive pertinent information and updates.
  4. Our general job workshops on Tuesdays and Thursdays will remain free
  5. For those of you in need of job assistance but is not able to pay, upon your request we will provide you with a list of referrals, websites and other resource.


THE ABOVE ARE THE ONLY FREE SERVICES AVAILABLE.  ALL SERVICES BELOW REQUIRE FEES.  Please ask to see if you qualify for our special assistance plan for those of you who cannot afford to pay for services at this time.



NEW FEES AND SERVICES Effective November 8, 2011 


You receive all of the above and the following for a period of thirty (30) days  


As many of you are already aware, 80% of all companies and corporations require that you complete job applications and upload your resume to their career site. If you attended one of our meetings, you learned how this system work and that you cannot use a cookie cutter resume for each application. One size does not fit all when it comes to seeking employment online.


When applying for a position, your resume MUST be relevant to the position that you are applying for even it is within the same company. With that said, our team of experts, Karen, Kesha and LaTonya are present every Tuesday and Thursday, not only to review your resume and assist you with revising your resume, they also teach you how to make the adjustments as needed and give you the tools to customize your resume for each position that you apply for. You will learn what verbiage to use, the most effective format if you have been out of work for a long period of time or if you want to convey to the employer that you have transferrable skills. This is a one hour session.


You also receive a link to one of the hiring companies that we partner with along with our permission to use us as a referrencel WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE EMPLOYMENT LINK PROCESS. Typically, you will hear from that employer within 24 – 72 hours of application.




You receive all of the above and the following for a period of sixty (60) days


  1. Resume Editing

This plan includes all of the above plus a final resume edit by our resume team which means that once you have applied the adjustments that you learned in the resume session,  you can send it back to have a professional review and edit to ensure that the language, grammar, format and punctuation are correct. And your resume is ready.


2. Interview Arrangement and Set up

This allows you to receive invitations to attend on-site interviews or be referred directly to the management, HR or talent agents or others involved in the hiring process at our partner companies.  You finally get your chance to sit down in front of a “human being” and sell yourself. Tell them why you would like to work for Comcast, Asset Acceptance, Recovery Construction or Class Act Tutoring. This is based on your qualifications for the position and you must participate in pre-screening activities prior to an interview.  We do not allow you to do this alone or blindly.


3. Coaching for Interviews and Preparing for Assessments 


There are over 200 different questions that you can be asked in an interview. What are they looking for when they ask those questions? What are the type of answers you need to avoid giving? What are the type of things you should or should not do when interviewing with these companies? Our employers share with us what they are looking for from punctuality, to passing drug tests, to ability to close a deal or be a true problem solver. Just like the resume, there is no “one size fits all” approach to interviewing. But when you understand what the employer is seeking for then you know how to convey those things to them in the interview. This is why we conduct screenings. It is not to tell you what to say just to get past an interview. It is to determine if you have the qualities and qualifications that the employer seek and if so to make sure you are able to communicate that in an interview session.




You receive all of the above and the following for a period of ninety (90) days


1. Assessments

With every company comes an assessment. Often it comes before the final and the main interview. We have team members who understand every type of assessment that is available; the purpose of these types of assessments and what they are seeking to achieve. We even have tutoring available for those who wish to build upon their math and reading comprehensive skills to help them in areas they may be difficult for them. We also have an assessment coach who will help those who suffer from test anxiety. Just ask if you need this service.


2. Specialty Training

Many of the jobs we have access to are in the area of Sales, Technical Support, Customer Service, Technology/Computer. We offer special training sessions for clients at this level who wish to sharpen their skills or learn new skills. These trainings gives us the opportunity ensure our employers that the job seeker is qualified and understand the nature of the job. Our clients can participate in this training even after receiving employment if they wish to continue to improve upon their professional skills.




Often we are asked why do you charge fees for the services that you provide to job seekers? While the answer should be simple, the Kimberly Group, LLC, is a company providing services and like any other company, we hire employees also carry out these tasks. Just like the job seeker expects to receive compensation for the service they will provide to their soon to be employers, employees of the Kimberly Group must also receive compensation.


But beyond that simple fact, there are no other companies out there that provide a service to both the job seeker and the employer where they put as much time, effort and resource into removing obstacles and barriers that stand in the way of the job seeker and employer coming together qualified, prepared and ready to work.  Thousands of qualified people disqualify themselves from the job market because what they do not know IS hurting them.


Their resumes do not properly reflect their experience or qualification.  Or the language of their resume is not recognized by the scanners that eliminate resumes that are not worded in such a way where there is relevancy to the job post they are applying for.  Thus they receive rejection emails thanking them for applying but at this time….  Job seekers do not realize they are dealing with automation and technology and not people. Their resumes were read by a machine called an OCR and the computer generated the rejection letter not a human being.


  • We get your resumes in their hands.
  • We get you face to face with the employer (based on qualifications)
  • We get to know you so that we can help you reflect your qualification and expertise both verbally and in writing.
  • We invest in you, the job seeker!
  • We invest in the employer by saving them time, money and energy in recruitment and screening of qualified candidates. If a person doesn’t see the value in what we do, then they are not likely to see the value in themselves to know that they are worth investing $29.99 or $49.99 or $79.99 to change their lives and get back to work.

Our meetings with job seekers are every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 a.m and 6:30 pm. Our address is 25240 Lahser Road, Ste. 6, in Southfield Michigan, 48033. Our phone number is 1-888-



We look forward to seeing you this Tuesday or Thursday at 25240 Lahser Road, Ste. 6, in Southfield Michigan 48033.  Call 248-238-6050 for more information.
Kimberly A. Lewis
The Kimberly Group

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