Wayne State considers boosting admission standards

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Courtesy of WDIV:


Wayne State University is planning to boost its admission standards in an effort to increase the school’s depleted graduation rate.

According to recent reports, just 23 percent of students will graduate within five years of enrollment at Wayne State.

Professor Joel Silvers teaches screenwriting. He said he loves working at a diverse, urban-centered university, but that he has seen freshman struggle at the school.

“A lot of them come into this university and they are really not prepared for college-level work and its no reflection on them, its a reflection on the kinds of public schools they are coming from around the region,” Silvers said. “It’s no secret that we have a low graduation rate.”

Now, university leaders are ready to implement tougher admission standards to avoid a failed student body.

Many consider this move bad for students who are looking for a higher-level university to attend without the high school accolades that other universities may require.

Former Detroit School Board member Jonathan Kinloch, who also hosts a radio talk show, said the tougher standards will keep many students out of college.

“Wayne State, for many of these students, is their only chance,” Kinloch said. “The public colleges have an obligation to try to admit as many of these students as they can.”

Students with a high-2.0 to 3.0 high school grade point average and an ACT score between 18 and 22 have been admitted without question. Under the new standards, that range of students would be placed in bridge classes. If they do well in the classes, two years of a special curriculum and counseling would follow.

New standards could be effective in February. The admissions process needs to be approved by the university’s Board of Governors. Students planning to enter in the fall of 2013 may be subject to the new standards.

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