Top U.S. School Districts Trail the Global Competition

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(Courtesy of Education Next)

Top U.S. School Districts Trail the Global Competition

Click on the video link above, Education Next contributing editor Jay Greene discusses his Global Report Card, which measures student achievement in nearly every school district in the U.S. against student achievement in 25 other countries.

The study on which the Global Report Card is based, “When the Best is Mediocre: Developed countries far outperform our most affluent suburbs,” by Jay Greene and Josh McGee, will appear in the Winter 2012 issue of Ed Next and is now available online.

The rankings of 13,636 U.S. school districts can be found in the Global Report Card, available on the website of the George W. Bush Institute, where readers can see how students in each school district compare to students in 25 other nations.

A detailed explanation of the methods used to conduct the analysis is available here.

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