State of MI names worst schools

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Courtesy of Detroit News

Last Updated: August 26. 2011 2:02PM
Mich. names ‘lowest achieving’: Check rankings of public, charter schools
Mike Wilkinson/ The Detroit News
More schools in Michigan must develop improvement plans a

fter a new state education model identified them as the worst in the state based on test scores, graduation rates and gaps between demographic groups, according to data released Friday morning by the Michigan Department of Education.
The number of schools called “persistently lowest achieving” (PLA) was at 98 this year, up from 92. Those schools now have three months to develop improvement plans that could include restructuring or closure.
Detroit had the most, with 38 schools, down from 40 in 2010. Overall, 53 school districts in the state had schools on the lowest-achieving list, up from 48. There were 40 new schools on the list, while 34 were taken off.
“We are working fast and hard to build the new Educational Achievement System, which will provide principals more autonomy and conditions to succeed along with parent and community involvement, and helping to ensure successful Detroit Public Schools remain strong, in both cases driving more resources directly to students’ classrooms,” DPS spokesman Steve Wasko said in a statement.
The state also released a top-to-bottom ranking of all schools on Friday, listing them by percentiles.
“This is important information for schools, parents, and communities to review,” state Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan said in a statement. “It provides a real look at how our local schools are doing in educating their students.”
For lowest-achieving schools that need to change, there are several federally required school improvement models that a school district can select from, including: plans to replace the principal and half the staff; closing the school and reopening under charter school management; or closing the school and sending the students to other, higher-achieving schools in the district.
In Detroit, however, the decision on which schools must change rests with Emergency Manager Roy Roberts. In July, Gov. Rick Snyder announced creation of a new state-run system called the Education Achievement System in which roughly three dozen failing Detroit schools will go in the 2012-13 school year. Many of those schools could also be on the PLA list.
Other failing schools statewide — identified by their inclusion on the PLA list — could be added to the EAS in future years.
Top local schools
Local schools ranking in the top 1 percent of all schools in the state include: Covington School (Birmingham); Bloomfield Hills Middle; Brewster Elementary, Musson Elementary and North Hill Elementary (Rochester); Burton Elementary (Berkley); Carpenter Year Round Elementary (Lake Orion); Deerfield Elementary (Novi); Highmeadow Common Campus School (Farmington); Kettering West Wing (Detroit); Schroeder Elementary (Troy); and Webster Elementary (Livonia).

From The Detroit News:‘lowest-achieving’–Check-rankings-of-public–charter-schools#ixzz1WALwsqWj

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