School Enrollment Up, but Northville District Urges Passing of Millage on Nov. 8th

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(Courtesy of The Observer & Eccentric)

Enrollment numbers for Northville Public Schoolsare not as low as predicted.

However, despite the better than anticipated totals, the district is not out of the woods yet when it comes to the much-needed per pupil funding that is generated by the number of students.

Total enrollment is holding steady, according to Lynne Mossoian, the district’s director of special service. It currently stands at 7,004, which is a decrease of 10 students from last year. The district’s budget predicted a loss of around 70 students.

“We are pleased with this total because it appears we are leveling off,” Mossoian said.

School districts receive state funding based on enrollment, and Northville’s per pupil allowance is $8,019. However, not all of the school funding comes from this state allowance. Overall funding is based on two key components: per pupil allowance and the nonhomestead millage.

According to Mike Zopf, assistant superintendent of finance/operations, for Northville to receive the full funding planned for, this millage will need to be renewed.

Zopf explains the scenario this way: 7,000 students x $8,000 per pupil allowance = $56 million needed for the current district set-up to work properly.

But, Zopf says the state does not give the district all of the $56 million; rather it gives $48 million. The state figures on districts being able to levy a nonhomestead or operating millage, with the state covering the remaining sum.

“They (the State of Michigan) assume the district will be able to levy the 18 mills,” Zopf said.

If the millage is not passed, the district would lose $8 million annually. This, said Zopf, would make the district look a lot different, and he says this vote is critical if Northville is to remain a great school system.

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