PA teacher blog labels students lazy and “dim”

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In Doylestown, PA, parents are in an uproar over a teacher who made some candid, yet disparaging remarks about her students.

Some  of the comments included, “frightfully dim”, disengaged, and lazy whiners. Though these comments weren’t made in class, and on the teacher’s personal blog,  parents are not happy and they are concerned that students will not be able to learn in an environment where there teacher has labeled them with disparaging remarks.

Robert Laws, superintendent of the Central Bucks East High School is concerned there will be an onslaught of parents demanding their child not have English teacher, Natalie Munroe.

A local Doylestown newspaper claims 60 students have had parents ask that they be removed from the classroom of Munroe and district officials believe that number could go higher.  Munroe was assigned 90 students in three classes for the Fall semester.

Munroe’s blog comments were brought to the attention of district officials last February and she was suspended for a short time. This year, officials said the students with parents who asked that they be removed from Munroe’s class will be in another classroom with a substitute teacher.

Students start school next Tuesday in that district.

Trish Brown

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