Michigan Teachers Show How It’s Done

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(Courtesy of Big Education Ape)

Rep. Paul Scott of Michigan

In Michigan, the state teachers union, enraged by Republican moves to cut school spending and weaken tenure for teachers, engineered the ouster of state Rep. Paul Scott, the GOP chairman of the House Education Committee.

Way to go Michigan teachers!  It’s about time the teachers somewhere are as mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. How about some similar efforts in Illinois?

We need similar efforts everywhere in America.  Teachers need to stand up for themselves and refuse to be scapegoats for any financial crisis. Teachers are the LAST people who should be blamed for government debt problems. With the millions of dollars wasted by various governments on the most ridiculous items, how in the world could politicians target teachers as the biggest problem? I just don’t understand it.

Teachers need to stand up for tenure.  You are the ONLY profession that is governed and judged by people who don’t necessarily have any background in the profession. When the majority of school board members are made up of retired or current teachers, that’s when we can start talking about relinquishing some aspects of tenure. Are doctors or lawyers governed by people with no background in that profession? I think not.

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