Jon Stewart Mocks Student Loan Drama On ‘The Daily Show’

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Courtesy of The Huff Post

On Monday night’s “Daily Show,” Jon Stewart took a moment to weigh in on Federal student loan interest rates, which are at risk of doubling in coming months unless some major changes are made.

Since young voters are the people most likely to take out student loans, and it seems that they’ll be one of the groups Obama and Romney need to do the most work appealing to in 2012, the issue of interest rates has been at the forefront of both candidates’ rhetoric the past few weeks.

Stewart commented:

They say young people are gonna be in play this election year, so it’s not gonna be enough for candidates to make a couple of those token MTV appearances and pretend they’ve got Jay-Z on their Walkmen… These candidates are gonna have to do some real, heavy-duty pandering.

Whether the pandering will actually accomplish anything is still yet to be seen, though.

Stewart noted that the good news is that everyone — President Obama, Mitt Romney, John Boehner — seems to be in agreement that interest rates should not go up for America’s students, but after that it’s every man for himself.

The subject of what spending to cut in order to prevent the interest increases is up for debate, and the two parties simply can’t agree. Democrats are suggesting cutting big oil and defense spending, while Republicans seem more in favor of cutting back on Obamacare.

Stewart joked that cutting back on defense would be a grave mistake. “It might effect our hologrammed, flying, laser tank program,” he joked.

Watch the full clip above and let

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