Give Students a Boost—And You Could Win $1,000!

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(Courtesy of We Are  Teachers)

Let Students Know Someone Cares and Share Your Message of Inspiration at Boost Nation

You know no one dreams of dropping out. Students want to graduate. They want to celebrate an achievement. They want a better job and a better life. But for too many students (more than 30% nationwide), there are serious barriers that get in the way. And every 26 seconds, a student drops out of school.

But a simple message of encouragement could help change that.

By submitting a video to Boost Nation, you can make a profound impact on the lives of high school students across the country by letting them know people do care about them—plus, one lucky person will win $1,000 just for submitting a video!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to share your words of inspiration and enter to win the cash!

Step 1: Submit your video to Boost Nation. Make a short video message of inspiration for struggling high school students – these videos can be short or long and can be simple and made with you webcam/phone/digital camera, then go to Boost Nation and click “Submit a Video” and follow the simple instructions to submit your video message.

Step 2: Find your video. Wait a few days, then go back to the Boost Nation site and find your video filed under the state you tagged it to in the upload process. Get your video’s unique URL by clicking the “YouTube” icon below your video.

Step 3: Share your Video and enter to win the cash! Enter your video onto our WeAreTeachers Boost Nation video blog (below) and you’ll be automatically entered into our $1,000 prize drawing. Enter a video on the blog now.

Submit a video to Boost Nation.

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