Detroit Enterprise Academy Students Hope to “Change” the Fate of the Detroit Science Center

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DETROIT (WXYZ) – Will students come up with enough change to save the Detroit Science Center?

The self-proclaimed science geeks sure hope so. “Without science, we don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Imani Chambers. “Science is what technology is. That’s how we get cellphones, computers and all types of stuff.”

Students at Detroit Enterprise Academy were crushed by the news that the science center could close because of lack of funding.

They started a coin drive to support the center. They hope their efforts inspire other students to join in the coin collection. “Hopefully this project will bring awareness to the issue and encourage other members of the community to support it as well,“ said teacher Zemen Marrugi.

The students hope to raise $500 by November 4th. So far they have $347.53 worth of change.

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