Cartoon Network, Bitstrips Launches Anti-Bullying Comic Challenge

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(Courtesy of Education News)

This fall, kids across the country can share ideas about how to prevent bullying by making their own comic strips in the “Stop Bullying: Speak Up Comic Challenge”.

Created by Cartoon Network and Bitstrips as part of October’s National Bullying Prevention Month, the campaign gives kids a creative and accessible way to add their voice to the national discussion on bullying.

Since launching at the start of October, 100,000 visitors have logged over a million page views and created more than 17,000 comics on the website. All the best entries into the Stop Bullying: Speak Up Comic Challenge will be published in a downloadable comic anthology.

Schools looking for a creative way to introduce bullying as a topic of discussion can enter the Stop Bullying: Speak Up Comic Challenge too, says a press release. Teachers can choose from eight bullying prevention activities and assign them to students through a secure virtual classroom.

“Students play a powerful role in stopping bullying. Bitstrips is a unique, creative way to give young people a strong, effective voice,” said Alice Cahn, Cartoon Network vice president of social responsibility.

“In all of the discussion about bullying in recent years, kids’ perspectives have generally been underrepresented,” said Bitstrips CEO Jacob Blackstock.

“By introducing the subject through comics—a format kids love—we hope to really get them talking and thinking critically about what they can do to reduce bullying at school and in their social lives. We think that this initiative could be the start of something very big in that respect.”

This comes after the announcement of collaboration between Cartoon Network, Barnes & Noble and Simon & Schuster to promote Cartoon Network’s Stop Bullying: Speak Up campaign during October’s National Bullying Prevention Month, as reported in Education News.

The promotion expands the reach of Cartoon Network’s Stop Bullying: Speak Up initiative into the more than 700 Barnes & Noble retail stores nationwide, online at Barnes & Noble and on Barnes & Noble’s NOOK eReading devices.

In September 2011, the network partnered with its parent-company Time Warner and Facebook to launch an interactive Stop Bullying: Speak Up Social Pledge App that enables educators, parents, and kids to make a personal commitment to help stop bullying.

The “Stop Bullying: Speak Up Comic Challenge” is part of Cartoon Network’s flagship Stop Bullying: Speak Up campaign, and runs through November 2011.

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