10 things worse than sweatpants to wear to class

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Courtesy of USA College Today

Given the huge interest and debate this week around wearing sweatpants to class, we began to realize that while not everyone agrees that sweatpants are proper class attire, wearing any of these things would be way worse.

Sequined leggings

Leggings can be OK — even attractive — but when sequins become involved, a line is crossed. Don’t ever show up to a lecture wearing anything this tight and shiny, please.








Lady Gaga inspired meatpants

We know you were born that way, but you don’t need to show it off during class.




















A sumo wrap

OK, so you are a world champion, but your title doesn’t mean much on campus. Put on some pants






Being a respectable website, we can’t show an image of exactly which kind of chaps we are thinking of, but picture Xtina in Dirty and you get the idea. Needless to say, these are not really acceptable for any classroom setting.






A towel

We know you were in the shower when the fire alarm rang and didn’t want to be late for class, but really, go back and change.

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