What to do when relocating your business

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By Casey Haslem

Your business may begin to outgrow its current facility, or you may have recently identified a location better suited for your business goals. When you decide to make that move, the relocation process should be carefully planned to minimize stress. When you are in the process of relocating your business, make sure that the following steps are taken.

You rarely notice the volume of paperwork until it is time to relocate. When the time for the move begins, take an inventory of all of the paperwork accumulated over the years. Tossing out old paperwork no longer needed cuts down on time needed to pack during the office relocation. It also makes it easier to unpack the documents and develop new filing processes for an office.

Your utility planning process involves scheduling disconnection for service at the address and initiating services with the new provider at your new business location. This portion of the business relocation process should be planned far in advance to minimize business interruption. For a seamless transition, you should contact the service provider a month prior to the anticipated move date to make sure that the service call at the new address occurs well before your office move.

Assigning a point of contact in the office to oversee the logistics of the move is recommended. This person should be responsible for handling the utilities, designing the paperwork purging strategy, and communication with any vendors involved in the move. Having one person to field all of the calls and oversee the different aspects of the move will make it easier to monitor progress.

The mailing address should be updated with couriers, suppliers and clients. The vendors should be notified at the beginning of the current billing cycle, as it takes time for some companies to perform the system updates. The postal service should also be notified around the same time. Clients should receive courtesy e-blasts informing them of your business relocation plans. Consider sending a postcard reminder with the new address information be sent out to contacts and clients.

If the office equipment will be packed in house, consider pulling the original packaging ahead of time to make sure that the boxes are in good shape. Reviewing any business insurance policies in place to verify what coverage is already in place is recommended. If your office equipment and furniture exceed a certain dollar amount in value, consider whether or not moving insurance would be ideal for your move.

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