PR expert weighs in on Paula Deen

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Trish Brown is the president of TPEMultiMedia, publisher of and the founder of

Detroit-area PR expert Trish Brown calls on Paula Deen to stop talking and start doing.

Deen is faced with the loss of her reputation over comments made while under oath for a deposition in which she said she has used the word N-word.  The backlash has cost Deen her TV show on the Food Network and many of her endorsements from various companies.

“She needs to show that who she is today isn’t who she was when she made the comments,” Brown said. “She needs to lead and start a watchdog group that is vocal about what is expected in all workplaces regarding how we treat everyone the same and frown against any kind of comments or actions that malign a person based on their race. She needs to stop talking and start doing.”

This morning, Deen appeared on the Today Show with Matt Lauer and once again tried to tell her side to the story, but once again she fell apart and was overcome by emotion.



Paula Deen appears on the Today show with host Matt Lauer and is questioned about her racial comments.


Trish Brown is pictured with US Congressman John Conyers at the Western Wayne NAACP Freedom Fund dinner last fall, where she received the Great Expectations Award for her 25 years of service fighting for the rights of minorities.

“Speaking from the heart is okay, but people aren’t going to believe what she says as mich as they will believe what she does with her actions. Paula Deen you need to start a watchdog group that is vigilant in protecting the rights of all,” Brown added.

Brown, the owner of TPEMultiMedia and is a public relations practitioner for 26 years has worked with minorities and helped build one of the largest historically black community colleges in the Detroit area by increasing attendance at the school by almost 70,000 students in five years. She is also the recipient of the 2012 NAACP Great Expectations Award.

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