Little Known Career Paths in IT You Should Know About

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By Ryan Gilmore
Most people who work in IT work in one of the main fields. These include help desk, systems analyst, or simply a jack of all trades employee. But really, there are a lot of IT paths that really anyone can take in their career. A career in information technology is unique in that you can change your job or career within the field at virtually any moment. With emerging technologies and software, you are even able to get in on something while it is still in its infancy. Anyone in IT should should explore all the career paths at their disposal, and not only find one that truly makes them happy, but one that will provide the best return on their investment, compensation-wise. So, if this is at all familiar to you or all of a sudden you’re just looking for a change, here are four little known career paths in IT you should know about.IT Trainer
A lot of people are self-taught in information technology; while others go to school to learn the principles of IT. Others have specialized training in IT. Right now there are not a lot of certified IT trainers, but this has traditionally been a tough job for companies to fill. If you have the skills and mindset, not only will you be in demand, you will be compensated fairly well. An IT trainer most know the principles of what they are teaching, but also be good with people of all backgrounds.Technical Writer
A position as a technical writer is both obscure and hard to fill. A lot of people who work in the United States IT industry are remarkably intelligent. Unfortunately, many of them are not native English speakers. Though they certainly speak the language well, it usually takes a native speaker to write a technical manual. This is where a technical writer comes in. A technical writer must be well-versed in technological principles while being a good writer. Not only that, they must be able to write in layman’s terms, so the average person understands them.

Product Evangelist
A product evangelist is often the most influential position at a company. Not only must they know a company’s product inside and out, they must understand how to market the product in a smart way. A product evangelist must travel the world pitching the product to potential buyers or investors. They must be very good at both public speaking and dealing with potentially high maintenance or hostile crowds. A good product evangelist is worth his or her weight in gold, and will determine the overall success of the company.

IT Author
IT authors review products and IT services for magazines or websites. They are rare because of the skill it takes in writing about issues that are, well, hard to write about! Many IT authors understand a lot of IT ideas and concepts, but are not strong writers. On the other hand, a lot of talented authors simply do not have the knowledge to write about information technology. If you have the rare skill-set of knowing how to write about IT principles, you should consider a career as an IT writer – an often flexible and lucrative path.

The great thing about IT is no path is set in stone. You can easily switch mid career. In fact, most people in IT do not stick with one thing their whole careers. Remember to always be open to learning new ideas and concepts, as this will help you market yourself much better. Exploring these little known career paths in IT will not only yield terrific job prospects, it will lead to higher paychecks and longer term job security.

Ryan Gilmore

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