Infographic: 9 simple ways to calculate Facebook and Twitter success

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The word “measurement” can provoke a variety of emotions in communicators, depending on who you’re talking to.

It can mean excitement in finding out whether those long hours you spent on the campaign were worth it.

It can indicate extra work, or it can mean dread—pure, stinking dread.

If you fall into that last camp, hang in there. An infographic from can help you out.

It sports a handy list of calculations to help you figure out if your social media efforts on Facebook and Twitter are paying off. (Don’t panic! We promise they’re easy.)

Here are a few examples:

  • Does your Twitter content drive people to do what you want them to?

Total tweets / total tweets clicked = clicks per tweet

  • Do your customers consume your Facebook content?

People talking about you / number of Facebook followers = percent of followers who engage with your content

  • What type of content should you post on Facebook?

Total posts of one type (e.g. videos, images) / total engagement (e.g. views, shares, likes) = engagement per post

See? Social media metrics aren’t so bad when you know how to use them.


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