Benefits of including eye-catching words in a resume

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By Ana Paul

Using eye-catching expressions and words make your resume stand out from the rest of applications, and thus, adds an extra advantage to your profile. Nowadays, presentation has got an equal importance as that of content. So, never underestimate importance of using highly effective and eye-catching words in a resume. Let them be part of your self confidence and widely gained expertise in the field.

Thus, creating a well constructed, self-sufficient resume, involves looking out for equally well suited expressions to project your profile summary. It is one of the most effective ways of catching the employer’s attention at the very sight, and offering him with the essential information.

Need to make your resume stand out:

The job search competition, and today’s highly competitive environment have made it obligatory for the candidates to offer their best. Resume is the only means to speak for your skills and qualifications; hence, to utilize such an opportunity to grab the recruiter’s attention. It can be done, by incorporating useful expressions and words in resume. Thus, the given points will help you to know more about the need or importance of using effective words:

  • High job search competition
  • Heap of applications for limited number of openings
  • Need to differentiate, by offering extra benefit
  • Developing uniqueness

How to improve your resume performance?

Increasing resume performance is a systematic and scientific exercise, a well integrated attempt to ascertain your suitability for the positional requirements. Hence, let your resume sample respond to such customized organization demands, and bring forth your talent to offer healthy performance.

Benefits of including eye-catching words in resume:

Actual demonstration of skills and qualifications assumes equally well suited words to put forth your excellence in the field. Thus, use of such eye-catching words offer you with the following benefits:

  • Uniqueness:

Use highly effective and powerful words, which offer the employer with the desired details.  Make use of the words that projects your positive approach to look at things, and highlight your result oriented performances. It includes words like researched, resulted into, won, received, recognized, achieved, etc. This incorporation asserts your personalized performances in a well order, and offer the recruiter with customized resume suitable to serve his interest.

  • Differentiation:

Make your resume stand out, by demonstrating extra performances, and your efficient operational excellence, with words such as established benchmarks, resulted into, controlled, managed the activities or managerial functions etc. Try to differentiate your resume from the rest of applications

  • Equally strong content:

Create equally strong content that would complete your professional format by emphasizing your good track record. Use expressions like promoted to, awarded as, proved, accounted for, dealt with, in charge of, specialized in, trained in, accustomed to, skilled in, etc. It improves your resume quality by creating the required impact.

  • Resume objectives:

Build effective resume objective statement to assert your proficiency and strong career aspirations, by tailoring useful expressions, and coining powerful words that states your positive approach to look at jobs, and to fulfill the recruiter’s expectations about the vacancy.

  • Research abilities:

Include phrases like researched, accomplished, recipient of, awarded with, etc. They assist you to showcase your confidence and in-depth understanding of the issues involved. Cite your professional excellence and research aptitude to convince the employer

For example, medical resume sample can include the points such as accomplished professional internships, researched medication practices, awarded with research fellowship to complete the research project on some topic etc.

In this way, it will definitely prove to be beneficial to coordinate useful and effective words or phrases that will best denote your attitude to look at positional responsibilities. This portrayal of positive and learning attitude will add to your resume, considerably.

Ana Paul

About Ana Paul

Ana Paul is a Resume Writer and Career Councilor. Her articles provide best resume samples and examples for various field like medical. To get more on writing medical resume you can visit at or refer blog at