Aston Martin DBS – A Rolling Work of Art

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(By Chris Horner)

Is any car worth $300,000? The DBS sure makes a compelling case.

Seeing one of these works of art in real life will redefine your expectations of what an exotic car should be, and therefore earns a mention on Lens Artwork. It is simply stunning. I’ve never heard the beauty of an Aston Martin disputed. The doors tilt slightly upward to clear curbs and actually add to the elegance of this crafted piece. It reminded me that art can be found anywhere where someone takes the time to really care about what they’re producing.

All car manufacturers should be required to examine the care that Aston Martin puts in the assembly of their automobiles. All the leather surfaces (and EVERYTHING is leather) are hand-stitched by the same craftsman. Ebonized wood that looks cut out of a grand piano adorns the cockpit. The tweeters of the stereo only announce themselves when the system is on by rising out of the dash. Look under the hood where few would even have any business being, and AM has machined the welds smooth AND painted them after stitching the car together.

Look closely at the paint (no joke – it’s called Casino Royale on this example). There’s not a hint of orange peel. Again, everything has been rubbed smooth. Oh – forgot to mention that the paint was applied over carbon fiber. Yes – they put a PERFECTLY smooth paint job over carbon fiber. You don’t see any of the typical weave pattern that you would normally expect. Or more to the point, that you would see on a lesser car. And just in case you come across another grey Aston Martin in the parking lot, the DBS shade adds flecks of blue to differentiate it from its ‘mass produced’ siblings.

It’s not all show though. Also lurking under the hood is a 6.0 V12 badge atop the engine. Look at the 20″ DBS-specific rims. Carbon brakes the size of a large pizza hide underneath, promising all the performance that you imagine it can deliver.

Don’t like what the factory offers? Tell them what you want and they’ll make it – by hand – for you. It’s a truly stunning and amazing machine. It singlehandedly makes all other super cars inadequate and redundant in comparison. Before you think that it should be spectacular just because of the number sitting on the window sticker, I invite you to compare it to its rivals and the difference will become obvious. Ferrari’s will always be stunning track cars, Lamborghini’s outrageous attention-getters, and Bentley’s expensive Volkswagen’s – but this makes YOU feel special just being in its presence. This is the complete package.

If you’re ever close to one, check it out for yourself. This is truly a case where pictures are inadequate. For driving dynamics of its cousin, the DB9, see this write up DB9 road test.


Chris Horner

About Chris Horner

Chris Horner is an award winning freelance photographer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He specializes in fine art images and commercial photography.